With it, we can:


Preserve open space


Maintain the integrity of open land easements


Acquire easements


Assist landowners with the decision-making process


Educate others to understand the value of conservation


Pass on the best of our values to the next generation



Board of Trustees

Dennis N. Forney, Chairman
John R. Schroeder, Vice Chairman
James A. Fuqua, Jr., Treasurer
Mark S. Lally, Secretary
Wendy O. Baker, President & CEO
Councilman George B. Cole, Trustee
Councilwoman Joan R. Deaver, Trustee
Mark A. Isaacs, Trustee
Casey Kenton, Trustee
C. Russell McCabe, Trustee
J. Everett Moore, Jr., Trustee
Dale J. Ockels, Trustee
Senator Robert L. Venables, Trustee
Randall C. Willin, Jr. (R.C.), Trustee

For most people discretionary time is a precious possession, parceled out with care.  So it is telling that volunteers give so much of their time to conserving open space through land trusts.  Volunteers see the need for and organize land trusts, serve on boards and committees, and raise money; they donate legal and accounting services, restore pond banks, lead nature walks, monitor easement-protected property, write newsletters and much more.  Their precious time is truly making the world a better place.

Equally important are the financial contributions from supporters like you.  These donations support volunteer efforts, allow us to educate communities and help us preserve open space.  Without your financial support, land trusts cannot achieve their goals and protect the open spaces that are so precious to us and future generations.

Please consider helping preserve Sussex County's special places by becoming one of our Preservation Partners today.

Wendy O. Baker, President and CEO

*Meetings are open to the public and are subject to change without further notice. Please call (302) 542-7088 or email wobakersclandtrust@gmail.com to confirm meeting location and time.

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