Remember the forest you camped in as a child?  The creek you strolled along dreaming of the future?  Those places where houses and malls now stand?

Imagine that the beautiful meadow or farmland you treasure in your community today is gone tomorrow forever.


Today we are headed for a future without the special places that make Sussex County such a fulfilling place to live.  In fact, despite the many documented economic benefits of conservation, each day we are losing 8.6 square miles of America's finest lands to development.  At this pace, most of the special places in America will be gone within 20 years.


The good news is that we can act now to protect and sustain our communities' landscapes for ourselves and future generations.  By joining Sussex County Land Trust, you become our partner in doing this important work.  Plus, you'll receive all the benefits of membership, including an invitation to all of our events.

  • Total private dollars pledged and raised to date: $4,198,481.09

  • 18 Different development projects represented

  • Total pledged by Sussex County Open Space funds to date

    • FY 10 to FY 12:  $6,831,600

  • Total preserved acres with which SCLT has been
    involved: 5,784 acres

  • We are actively researching and pursuing the purchase of a parcel of land in the middle of Sussex County for a passive natural park along the proposed Lewes to Georgetown Rail Trail. Stay tuned for further details about this exciting project.

So join us now!  Just fill out the membership form
or contact us for more information.



Sussex County Land Trust is a nonprofit conservation organization, dedicated to protecting natural, cultural, agricultural and recreational resources through land preservation, stewardship and education for today and tomorrow.



With it, we can:


Preserve open space


Maintain the integrity of open land easements


Acquire easements


Assist landowners with the decision-making process


Educate others to understand the value of conservation


Pass on the best of our values to the next generation



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